Available for download is our updated STAC User Reference Guide that will assist you this school year.

The following sections are either brand new to the guidebook or have been updated due to changes within the STAC Online System:

  1. Updated Aide Percentage Box:
    • Screens that used to have a full or half-time aide check box, have been updated to reflect the new aide percentage box.  Districts will now need to enter the percentage of time for an aide on 10-Month Private Excess Cost, School Age Summer 4408, and School Age Summer Chapter approvals.  In addition, the aide percentage will now also be reflected on the correlating verification screens for those approvals.
  2. Other Agency Placements Summary Screen DQCHG (page 37):
    • This screen allows districts to view STAC-200 or STAC-202 information if the documents have already been processed online by the STAC Unit.
  3. Homeless Eligibility List DQHOM (page 45 and 46):
    • Districts now have the ability to view both the homeless students they are educating (9a), and the homeless students that were last permanently housed within their district (7a).
  4. Payment Stops by Placements DSTPD (page 110):
    • This screen allows districts to view payment stops for various placement types. The placements districts can view on this screen are: School Age Summer Chapter, High Cost Public 10-Month, 4201 Summer State-Supported/State-Operated, School Age Summer Related Service and School Age Summer 4408 approvals.
  5. SED File Transfer Manager FTM (page 116-119):

The SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) is a secure file transfer system. It is designed for districts to securely send files to the STAC and Medicaid Unit, as well as receive files from the STAC and Medicaid Unit. Starting in 2018, the STAC and Medicaid Unit eliminated their paper mailings of certain reports, and moved to this secure electronic system for uploading these reports.

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