2020-21 will be the third year of a three year phase-in of the requirement that all public school districts that receive Foundation Aid submit the 2020 NYS School Funding Transparency Form, based on their 2020-21 budgets, to the NYS Division of Budget. There are approximately 400 districts that will need to complete the report for the first time this year.

To assist districts, we have developed an excel template, similar to the ESSA template that we developed this winter, to summarize your district’s budget lines and allocate fringe benefits to the various categories listed on the NYS Transparency Report.

We held a coffee talk this month and provided an overview of what is included in the NYS Transparency Report and how our excel template can be used to gather the information to include in the report. If you would like to listen to the recorded session, please visit our website: https://www.questar.org/services/financial/state-aid-financial-planning/webinars/coffee-talk/

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