Questar III is proud to announce that 215 seniors in Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene Counties earned a Technical Endorsement on their diploma, recognizing mastery of their CTE program area as well as excellence in several academic areas.

What is technical endorsement?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Technical Endorsement is an enhancement on a student’s high school diploma in the form of a New York State Education Department seal indicating that a student has completed coursework in a state approved CTE program along with the requirements for technical endorsement.

What are the requirements for technical endorsement?

The requirements for receiving technical endorsement are completing a state approved career and technical education program, completion of a minimum of 22 units of credit, earn a passing grade on 5 required Regents examinations or approved alternatives, successful completion of a 3-part technical assessment (written, demonstration, and project components), participate in work-based learning experiences, and the completion of a work-skills employability profile.

What are the components of the 3-part technical assessment?

The 3-part technical assessment is an industry recognized standardized assessment/ certification exam which includes both written and demonstration components. Some examples of the assessment exams are the NOCTI, NATEF, ASE, ProStart, NCCER and SkillsUSA. The project consists of a written paper, presentation, and portfolio. The overall project passing grade is a 65 or higher.


Congratulations to all our students who earned their Technical Endorsement!


Vito Abate, Welding – Greenville

Kyle Ackerman, Automotive Technology – East Greenbush

Nikkita Alcombright, Criminal Justice – East Greenbush

Elizabeth Archambault, Construction Technology – Greenville

William Ashley, Automotive Technology – Brunswick

Sam Baker, Construction Technology – Hoosic Valley

Ariana Bauer, Criminal Justice – Chatham

Kenneth Beattie, HVAC – Greenville

Raegan Beaucage, Cosmetology -Ichabod Crane

Dylan Bell, – Automotive Technology – Cairo-Durham

Darren Bender, Welding – Greenville

Angel Benoit, Pathways in Education – Greenville

Lucas Blowers, Automotive Technology – Brunswick

Matthew Bogert-Knapp, Welding – Germantown

Amoz Bowles, Culinary Arts – Hudson

Richard Brennan Jr, Automotive Technology – Ichabod Crane

Amya Bridgham, Certified Nursing Assistant – Taconic Hills

Philip Brown, Criminal Justice – East Greenbush

Benjamin Bulan, Academy for Information Technology – Schodack

Matthew Burton, Construction Technology – Brunswick

Shoshanna Byrne, Culinary Arts – Cairo-Durham

Dakota Cabbagestalk, Certified Nursing Assistant – Cairo-Durham

Riley Campanella, Automotive Technology – Brunswick

Jasmine Carlsen, Certified Nursing Assistant – Cairo-Durham

Jesse Carman, Welding – Catskill

Julianna Carrasquillo, Certified Nursing Assistant – Taconic Hills

Aaron Cassella, Criminal Justice – Hoosic Valley

Dylan Charbonneau, Construction Technology – Hoosic Valley

Alexander Chase, Automotive Technology – Taconic Hills

Charlie Chesbro, Heavy Equipment – Greenville

Cheyenne Christian, Criminal Justice – Brunswick

Elisha Clause, Construction Technology – Catskill

Christopher Cole, Culinary Arts – Catskill

Jasiyah Coleman, Certified Nursing Assistant – Hudson

Mckenzie Conn, EMT – Taconic Hills

Angelina Conniff, Cosmetology – Coxsackie-Athens

Ambrea Connor, Criminal Justice – Catskill

Heather Cooper, Cosmetology – East Greenbush

Shayna Coppersmith, Certified Nursing Assistant – Hudson

Elizabeth Corado, EMT – Ichabod Crane

Rosaleen Corrigan, Certified Nursing Assistant – Greenville

Liyah Cotto, Cosmetology – Troy

Daniella Cozzolino, Criminal Justice – Hudson

Emma Criswell, Criminal Justice – Cairo-Durham

Julian Cruz, Culinary Arts – Coxsackie-Athens

Naveah Daigle-Vellon, Cosmetology – Chatham

Michael-Everett Dean, Construction Technology – Coxsackie-Athens

Philip Decker, Culinary Arts – Cairo-Durham

Gregory Desnoyers, Construction Technology – Berlin

Benjamin Dickert, HVAC – Adult Student

Alivia Dickson, Heavy Equipment – Coxsackie-Athens

Dante DiGoivanni, Criminal Justice – Cairo-Durham

Jake Dominique, Heavy Equipment – Germantown

Patrick Doran, Culinary Arts – Schodack

Christopher Doty, Construction Technology – Taconic Hills

Clifton Drollette, Welding – Greenville

Audrey Duncan, Certified Nursing Assistant – Greenville

Adrianna Dunn, Certified Nursing Assistant – Germantown

Blake Dunteman, Construction Technology – Brunswick

Gavin Durkin, Heavy Equipment – Hoosic Valley

Andrew Duso, Construction Technology – Chatham

Cali Eli, Pathways in Education – Cairo-Durham

Heather Ellis-Mair, Cosmetology               – Taconic Hills

Andrew Entrott, Academy for Information Technology – Brunswick

Gage Escudero, Construction Technology – Cairo-Durham

Jakob Fontaine, Construction Technology – Brunswick

Justin Forte, Criminal Justice – East Greenbush

Michael Frischman, Criminal Justice – Hoosic Valley

Kiersten Fuerst, Cosmetology – Averill Park

Michael Funk, Automotive Technology – Taconic Hills

Leighann Gallant, Pathways in Education – Germantown

Dalton Garceau, Culinary Arts – East Greenbush

Michael Geno, Heavy Equipment – Cairo-Durham

Jeffery Gibson, Academy for Information Technology – Lansingburgh

Alexa Gjergii, Cosmetology – Catskill

Kimberly Goldstein, Culinary Arts – Lansingburgh

Elija Gomez, Criminal Justice – Taconic Hills

Michael Goodermote, Automotive Technology – Hudson

Arica Graff, Pathways in Education – Catskill

Owen Green, Culinary Arts – Lansingburgh

Seth Greene, Automotive Technology – Ichabod Crane

Rachel Gregg, Cosmetology – Hoosic Valley

Morgan Hahn, Criminal Justice – East Greenbush

Marisa Hale, Cosmetology – Averill Park

Viktoria Hall, Automotive Technology – Catskill

Gabrielle Hall, Criminal Justice – Berlin

Skyy Handschuh, Welding – Taconic Hills

Janoy Harrison, Criminal Justice – Ichabod Crane

Skyyler Hemming, HVAC – Brunswick

Melissa Hilbert, EMT – Ichabod Crane

Alexandra Hogencamp, Certified Nursing Assistant – Chatham

Maxwell Holmes, Culinary Arts – Coxsackie-Athens

Liam Holsapple, HVAC – Catskill

Daniel Honsinger, Construction Technology – Brunswick

Irelynn Hotaling, Cosmetology – Hudson

Jacquay Howard, Culinary Arts – Lansingburgh

Joshua Irish, Academy for Information Technology – Brunswick

Savanna Jennings, Certified Nursing Assistant – Chatham

Caleb Jeralds, Construction Technology – Catskill

Jacob Jokiel, Jacob, HVAC – Averill Park

Skylar Jordan, Culinary Arts – Berlin

Katelynn Keeler, Academy for Information Technology – Berlin

Francis Keneston-Gumaer, Construction Technology – Ichabod Crane

Dylan Kenna, HVAC – East Greenbush

Cheyene Kilmer, Certified Nursing Assistant – Germantown

Kayla Kilmer, Criminal Justice – Taconic Hills

Johnnie King, Academy for Information Technology – Lansingburgh

Samantha Kirk, Certified Nursing Assistant – Taconic Hills

Kyle Koenig, Automotive Technology – Troy

Tiffany Lackmann, Criminal Justice – Chatham

Mitchell Lanphear, Welding – Ichabod Crane

Paige Lee -Eaton, Automotive Technology – Chatham

Joseph Leichenauer IV, Construction Technology – Hoosic Valley

Jackson Lentz, Automotive Technology – East Greenbush

Lauren Leonard, Certified Nursing Assistant – Ichabod Crane

Faith Lindig, Cosmetology – Taconic Hills

Sierra Loucks, Heavy Equipment – Greenville

Lawrence Mackey III, Construction Technology – Brunswick

Carinda Mackie, Cosmetology – Greenville

Keegan Mallory, Academy for Information Technology – Averill Park

Joseph Manfred, Academy for Information Technology – Averill Park

Christina Markiewicz, Criminal Justice – Cairo-Durham

Landon Marks, HVAC – Hoosic Valley

Cassandra Marsceill, Culinary Arts – Averill Park

Jonathan Mays, Automotive Technology – Brunswick

Devon McAffrey, Criminal Justice – Lansingburgh

Derek McCagg, Automotive Technology – Ichabod Crane

Jonathan Mendez Colon, Criminal Justice – Lansingburgh

Melina Mendez-Ramos, Construction Technology – Troy

Guillermo Menendez Veliz, HVAC – Taconic Hills

Elizabeth Merhige, Cosmetology – Schodack

Logan Meyer, Automotive Technology – Coxsackie-Athens

Zoe Miles, Academy for Information Technology – Lansingburgh

Luke Miller, Culinary Arts – Hudson

Austin Millette, HVAC – Averill Park

Jeffrey Moore, Criminal Justice – Hoosic Valley

Matthew Moore, Heavy Equipment – Cairo-Durham

Seamus Moore, Cosmetology – Catskill

Dylan Morgan, Construction Technology – Cairo-Durham

Sam Morris, Construction Technology – Lansingburgh

Sierra Muller, Culinary Arts – Lansingburgh

Kiona Murray, Cosmetology – Brunswick

Cassandra Newbanks, Criminal Justice – Coxsackie-Athens

Jalena Nyuyen-Avevedo, Cosmetology – Hudson

Aizlyn O’Connell, Criminal Justice – Catskill

Cendy Ordonez, Cosmetology – Hudson

Rocco Pascarella, Automotive Technology – Brunswick

Katelyn Pastina, Pathways in Education – Greenville

Logan Peaslee, HVAC – Averill Park

Kyle Pelton, Criminal Justice – Coxsackie-Athens

Kendall Pendersen, Culinary Arts – Catskill

Frances Pilato, Cosmetology – Coxsackie-Athens

Logan Poli, Automotive Technology – East Greenbush

Nicole Quinn, Certified Nursing Assistant – Greenville

Walter Reiser, HVAC – Hoosic Valley

Tahja Reynolds, Criminal Justice – Averill Park

Maya Rhoden, Culinary Arts – Lansingburgh

Marissa Roberts, Criminal Justice – Brunswick

Preston Roberts, HVAC – East Greenbush

Schuyler Rochester, Automotive Technology – Chatham

Brianna Rodriguez, Criminal Justice – Hudson

Kayla Rodriguez, Criminal Justice – Hudson

Hannah Romano, EMT – Hudson

Jazmin Russo, Cosmetology – Cairo-Durham

Michael Sala, Automotive Technology – Lansingburgh

Gabrial Santosky, Welding – Catskill

Ryan Schepisi, Automotive Technology – Schodack

Ryan Schermerhorn, Construction Technology – Taconic Hills

Aidan Schmidt, Construction Technology – Brunswick

Kane Schrader, Heavy Equipment – Coxsackie-Athens

Killian Schrader, Heavy Equipment – Coxsackie-Athens

Madelynne Scott, Cosmetology – Schodack

Wayne Scully, Construction Technology – Lansingburgh

Hethar Scutt, Cosmetology – Taconic Hills

Alaynah Segovia, EMT – Ichabod Crane

Haley Sherman, Certified Nursing Assistant – Chatham

Haylee Simmons, Criminal Justice – Germantown

Richard Sitcer, Heavy Equipment – Coxsackie-Athens

Ryan Skaar, Criminal Justice – Cairo-Durham

Nicole Slater, Culinary Arts – Berlin

Chyeene Smith, Criminal Justice – Hoosic Valley

Morgan Smith, Certified Nursing Assistant – Taconic Hills

Zachary Smith, Heavy Equipment – Lansingburgh

Cassidy Snapp, Culinary Arts – Averill Park

Noah Snyder, Academy for Information Technology – East Greenbush

Samuel Spross, Welding – Ichabod Crane

Kaiden Stevens, Culinary Arts – East Greenbush

Megan Stickle, Certified Nursing Assistant – Germantown

Emily Stiverson, Pathways in Education – Cairo-Durham

Jonathan Swart, Heavy Equipment – Greenville

Tibbetts III, Academy for Information Technology – Lansingburgh

Montgomery Tremont, Automotive Technology – Averill Park

Emily Tripp, Certified Nursing Assistant – Taconic Hills

Emily Turriglio, Cosmetology – Hoosic Valley

Kye VanValkenburgh, HVAC – Greenville

Tyler VanVranken, Culinary Arts – Brunswick

Emily Vegerano, Culinary Arts – Catskill

Taylor Wagar, Culinary Arts – Brunswick

Sha-Shaya Wallace, Culinary Arts – Lansingburgh

Taylor Wallace, Cosmetology – Hudson

Victoria Washburn, Criminal Justice – Catskill

Madison Wason, Cosmetology – Ichabod Crane

Elexys Watkajtys, Cosmetology – Troy

Justin Weaver, HVAC – Averill Park

Arianna Weeden, Cosmetology – Hoosic Valley

Natalie Westfall, Criminal Justice – Hudson

Eston Whitbeck, Pathways in Education – Germantown

Andre White, Automotive Technology – Catskill

Nikko White, Automotive Technology – Catskill

Kim Wolfe, EMT – Taconic Hills

Alexander Wood, Automotive Technology  – Catskill

Amara Wright, Certified Nursing Assistant – Taconic Hills

Austin Wright, Heavy Equipment – Greenville

Haiden Zinzow, Academy for Information Technology – Schodack

Joshua Zlotnick, Academy for Information Technology – Berlin

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