The 2020-21 Building and Transportation Aid for Capital Levy Exclusion Calculation worksheet is now available.  It can be found here and on the State Aid Planning website under Topics-General Business Office/Planning.  Districts will need to enter the first 6 digits of their BEDS code in cell C6 of the labeled ‘Factor Sheet’.

As in previous years, districts can, and should, make adjustments to the Building Aid amounts projected in the 2020-21 Executive Budget proposal based on what is actually happening in the district.  The ‘Instructions’ tab gives guidance about how much Building Aid your district might want to include or exclude given the change in the way that Building Aid is projected in the Executive budget proposal.

NEW FOR 2020-21: There is an entry for the total BOCES Rent and Capital Aid that should be entered as per the new regulation from NYS Tax and Finance and guidance from NYSED.  This number will be provided to the district by your BOCES.  Due to clarifications and guidance being worked on for the BOCES, it is likely that districts may not yet have that amount from BOCES.  Please check with your BOCES for updates as to when that information may be available.

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