New Visions: Scientific Research and World Health students present their epidemiological research on Friday, January 31.

On January 31, students in the New Visions: Scientific Research and World Health program at the University at Albany’s Health Sciences Campus in Rensselaer presented the results of their epidemiological studies with their first of two poster sessions of the school year. Students identified specific health concerns in the United States and global community and investigated the various biological, behavioral, environmental and social factors that affect those issues. Armed with this information, students pose ways to address these problems. Read abstracts of the students’ research here.

Kerianne Bugbee (Tamarac High School): Advancing age as a risk factor for post-treatment lyme disease syndrome
Joshua Elfman (Troy High School): Effects of EDC ingestion via microplastics in seafood on incidence of secondary infertility.
Briana Figgs (Columbia High School): An analysis of hypovitaminosis D and the risk of developing schizophrenia
Kira Fischer (Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School): Gestational exposure to fine and ultrafine particles as a risk factor for autism spectrum disorder
Lena Kiehl (Averill Park High School): The effects of arsenic polluted water on the developing brain
Ryan LaBarre (Catskill High School): The risks of methotrexate-induced liver damage in juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients
Noah Mujalli (Rensselaer High School): The pulmonary health effects associated with hydrogen sulfide emitted by the SA Dunn landfull
Ryan Nowak (Taconic Hills High School): Risks of E.coli outbreaks in agriculturally contaminated private wells
Natalie O’Loughlin (Shenendehowa High School): Swimmer’s propensity to endure lung dysfunction
Madison Rifenberick (Troy High School): Prolonged mercury exposure as a risk for Parkinson’s Disease development in adults
Mackenzie Roarke (Troy High School): Beneficial effects of vegetable-based diets attenuate the incidence and progression of chronic kidney disease
Madison Shumpert (Shenendehowa High School): THC exposure in adolescence risks the development of schizophrenia
Olivia Smith (Hoosic Valley High School): Continuous low-dose benzene exposure and risk of developing childhood leukemia
Abigail Wyman (Columbia High School): Exposure to endocrine disruptors within living environments and the risk of developing animal dander allergies

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The New Visions: Scientific Research and World Health program for high school seniors is a highly selective, college level academic experience that offers hands-on laboratory research in the emerging biotechnologies, scientific literacy and global health. Students learn how scientific principles are utilized to understand and cure disease. The program is located at the University at Albany’s Health Sciences Campus in Rensselaer, and students have access to professional laboratories and researched to explore health focused research efforts.

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