ESSA Reporting Guidance

We have posted additional resources to help you get started with and work through the ESSA Reporting for 2018-19, due March 1st.  Just visit the Topics section of our website and click on ‘Other’.  It’s all right there.  We will continue to add more resources in the coming days.

STAC Log-Ins Expiring

All STAC users are set to expire on January 15th unless the Superintendent utilizes ‘XTEND’ to extend access.  If no action is taken prior to this date, then users will be locked out of the STAC online system.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Upcoming Due Dates

There are a number of important due dates approaching:

  • January 15th – Claim forms and ST-3 updated for any changes needed to be included in the February database.   Assuming the state budget is on time (April 1st), the February database will be used for state aid projections.
  • March 1st – ESSA Reporting for 2018-19, 2018-19 MOE Compliance AND 2020-21 Property Tax Cap ALL ARE DUE ON THIS SAME DAY.
  • Coming Soon – The deadline on the Medicaid Cost Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2019.
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