A reminder in the hall of Catskill Academy to always be thankful!

Here is a brief update on what our students are working on in their classes at Catskill Academy:

Ms. Morgan (Grades 11-12):

The high school students have been writing persuasive essays in ELA on a current topic in the news – “Should college athletes be paid to play sports in college?” In a persuasive essay the student must take a stand on the topic and persuade the reader through factual evidence.

Ms. DeWitt (Grades 4-5):

Team DeWitt is helping to remind Catskill Academy’s students and staff all that they are grateful for. Everyone is encouraged to write down and share with others, everything they’re THANKFUL for.

Ms. Reyome (Grades 6-8):

The Middle School class had finished the novel The Best School Year Ever. To wrap it up, the students have created Wanted posters for some of the naughty Herdman children. They have also worked on Compliments for Classmates, since a theme of the novel was that everyone has some good in them, you just need to be willing to find it.

Ms. Brevi (Grades 9-10):

In science the 9th graders finished up the Scientific Method by completing the NYS Making Connections Lab. The 10th graders finished up Body Systems by making a diagram of the Excretory System. In Algebra 1A the 9th graders have been working on Rates, Ratios, and Conversions, while the Algebra 1B class has been working on Solving Proportions.

Ms. Flanagan (NYSAA):

NYSAA and Life skills classes have worked on writing thank you letters to Veterans. Our NYSAA class also made a wonderful poster that was distributed at the Veteran’s lunch at the Ed Center. They have also been working on creating their very own resume. Our NYSAA students have continued to be busy cooking and baking. The following picture is from our last baking experience of cooking our famous peanut butter cookies.

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