Building Trades student Marquinn poses with his newly-finished plant stand project.

Students in the Building Trades program at Columbia-Greene Educational Center (CGEC) in Hudson recently completed their tile plant stand projects as part of their program. Students learned how to cut, adhere and grout ceramic tiles. Like all projects, there was also a creative or artistic component in which students created a unique tile design to cover their project.

The mosaic tiles were donated by Top Tile of Latham, and the full-size tiles were clearance items they sold for a very low price. Building Trades teacher Bob Augstell says Top Tile has been genuinely interested in his students work and they have been a great partner for the program.

This work wasn’t just about learning how to use tools or lay tile – CGEC’s integrated math teacher Mike Knichel incorporated several lessons using various mathematics concepts to ensure students’ designs would fit and that they cut enough tile. The tile stand has five sides covered in tile, so there was quite a bit of legwork to ensure their layout would work.

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