Students in Questar III’s classes at Maple Hill Middle School work in the PAES Lab.

Students in some of Questar III’s special education programs started the new school year in a new building. After leasing classroom space at Goff Middle School in East Greenbush, two classrooms have moved to Maple Hill Middle School in Schodack following the district’s reorganization. Questar III already had three classes located there, and this is the first of two phases of creating a new educational setting for students best served in a smaller environment.

At the end of the 2019-2020 school year, Questar III classes at Red Mill Elementary School will also move into Maple Hill Middle School. These moves provide access to a family and consumer science lab with full kitchens, laundry space, and a PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) lab that allow our students to learn and practices activities of daily living and prepare them to integrate into the community setting during their high school years. It will also allow for service-learning opportunities and integration with students within the Schodack CSD. Questar III’s first PAES lab began at Rensselaer Academy in 2015.

Beyond the added flexibility of the space, combining programs at one location will help ease transitions for students as they move through the continuum of services we provide from elementary school, through middle school and into high school and beyond.

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