Students at Sackett Educational Center cleaned up the school garden this summer and will start a garden club in the fall.

Students at Sackett Educational Center are working to spruce up the school garden this summer. After being left untended for several years, the garden was overgrown and not very pleasant to look at. Wanting to make their school more visually appealing, students Brandon, Kameron, Kaitlyn and Jason took on the task of cleaning it up and returning it to a usable state. That meant cleaning out the weeds, moving garden beds, and laying down new mulch before planting a variety of vegetables and herbs.

The group wanted to work in the garden during the school year, but finding time was difficult. Luckily, the summer school program allowed them the time to give the garden the care it needed. They have tended to the garden every day – pulling weeds, watering, trimming as needed, and making sure the plants are well taken care of.

Now, the garden is growing carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, mint and chai. Students hope to continue their garden work when they return in September by forming a garden club at the school and involving more students in the rewarding work. They hope to add a lattice fence with a gate this fall as well.

The small garden adjacent to the school building may look unassuming – but to these students it’s a point of pride that represents their school. Taking care of the garden gives students something to do with their hands, teaches them about growing, and offers a place to relax and decompress, not to mention the ability to eat a little healthier and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


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