The deadline for completing the 2019 NYS School Funding Transparency Form is approaching quickly.  Here are some resources to help districts complete the form:

  1. https://www.budget/ – List of districts required to report in 2019-20
  2. – All of the materials and resources available from NYS Division of Budget
  3. – Short instructional videos
  4. – Includes updated screen captures and account code guidance
  5. – Updated Questions and Answers

In addition, ASBO New York has created a School Level Financial Help Desk.  Members can access the Help Desk from

Some tips to help with the process:

  • Things take time.  Whether it is getting a new password or breaking down expenses by account code and category, allow time for each step.
  • If you’re not sure which codes to report where, DOB’s guidance provides comprehensive descriptions to show you where to report.
  • Check for reasonableness.  The formulas in the form will only calculated based on data inputted by the district.
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