Assessment Roll Verification

The Assessment Roll Verification (ARV) form is now available through OSC’s Online Services Website.  School districts will be verifying their taxable assessed value for assessment roll year 2017.  It is important that this information is accurate as it will be reported to the State Education Department for State Aid calculations.  The deadline for submitting the ARV form is July 15th. Any questions regarding completing the form may be directed to Amy McCabe at 518-408-4603 or emailed to

Property Tax Cap Compliance

Districts must also certify to the Comptroller’s Office, the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance and the State Education Department information about their adopted budget and tax levy for the 2019-20 fiscal year.  The certification is accessed through the same OSC website as the Assessment Roll Verification but is due by July 21st.  Information about the compliance reporting can be found at

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