A student receives an award at the 2019 REC Senior award ceremony June 5.

Students and staff gathered at Rensselaer Educational Center to recognize students for their achievement and dedication to their Career Tech and Career Studies programs over the past year. The ceremony included the annual National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony, as well as the awarding of scholarships and recognitions for achievement, improvement and craftsmanship. 12 students were inducted into NTHS for the second year, and 32 were inducted as first-year members. Scholarships were awarded to eight students. Congratulations to all our students on another successful year!

Both ceremonies were streamed live on Facebook. You can see the replays below:

National Technical Honor Society

Two- Year Members

Kyana Aguirre, Criminal Justice II, Lansingburgh
Korey Brock, HVAC II, Brunswick
Michael Capasso, Criminal Justice II, Hoosic Valley
Brion Daby, Information Technology II, Berlin
Stevie Deming, Culinary Arts II, Hoosic Valley
Anthony Marshall, HVAC II, Brunswick
Katie Mason, Hospitality & Lodging, Troy
Joshua Morra, Criminal Justice II, Averill Park
Alexis Moskov, Criminal Justice II, Averill Park
Zachary Moskov, Information Technology II, Averill Park
Gracie Snyder, Culinary Arts II, East Greenbush
Jy’Quan Stewart, Hospitality & Lodging, Rensselaer


Abir Ahmed, Introduction to Foods II, Lansingburgh
Angelina Banks, Certified Nursing Assistant, East Greenbush
Zachary Booth, Criminal Justice II, East Greenbush
Aidhan Callaghan, Information Technology II, East Greenbush
Charles Casimir, Information Technology II, Brunswick
Carly Church, Certified Nursing Assistant, Berlin
Brooke DeShane, Certified Nursing Assistant, Berlin
Justin Forte, Criminal Justice I, East Greenbush
Michael Frischman, Criminal Justice I, Hoosic Valley
Kylie Galipeau, Certified Nursing Assistant, Brunswick
Sadie Gartner, Criminal Justice II, Troy
Gabrielle Ghikas, Certified Nursing Assistant, Brunswick
Angelina Goyer, Certified Nursing Assistant, Berlin
Za-Kia Harris, Introduction to Foods I, Lansingburgh
Molly Kane, Certified Nursing Assistant, East Greenbush
Katelynn Keeler, Information Technology I, Berlin
Gabrielle Koch, Automotive Services II, Hoosic Valley
Abigail Kraft, Certified Nursing Assistant, East Greenbush
Lordez LaFond, Criminal Justice I, Lansingburgh
Hayley Lizotte, Certified Nursing Assistant, East Greenbush
Nancy Mainville, Certified Nursing Assistant, Averill Park
Stephanie Mangene, Certified Nursing Assistant, Averill Park
Jillian Mills, Certified Nursing Assistant, Berlin
Samantha Pulver, Certified Nursing Assistant, East Greenbush
Micayla Slattery, Certified Nursing Assistant, Averill Park
Chyeene Smith, Criminal Justice I, Hoosic Valley
Noah Snyder, Information Technology I, East Greenbush
Logan Southard, Criminal Justice II, Averill Park
Connor Walsh, Introduction to Foods II, Schodack
Shannon Walsh, Certified Nursing Assistant, Brunswick
Ethan Welkley, Automotive Services II, East Greenbush
Haiden Zinzow, Information Technology I, Schodack

Special Recognition

Skills USA State Winners

Stephanie Mangene, Nurse Assisting, 3rd Place, Averill Park
Kira Russell, Basic Health Care, 1st Place, Troy

Skills USA Regional Competitors

Nancy Mainville, Job Skill Demonstration, 2nd Place, Averill Park
Stephanie Mangene, Nurse Assisting, 2nd Place, Averill Park
Anthony Marshall , HVAC, 5th Place, Brunswick
Lauren Mercer , Cosmetology Senior, 1st Place, Lansingburgh
Kira Russell, Nurse Assisting, 4th Place, Troy
Jy’Quan Stewart, Prepared Speech, 5th Place, Rensselaer

Rensselaer Educational Center Scholarships

Michael Capasso , Criminal Justice II, Hoosic Valley
Sadie Gartner , Criminal Justice II, Troy
Vincent Lewis, Automotive Technology II, Troy
Stephanie Mangene, Certified Nursing Assistant, Averill Park
Jy’Quan Stewart, Hospitality & Lodging, Rensselaer

NYS SkillsUSA Area III Scholarship

Katie Mason, Hospitality & Lodging, Troy

The Madison Stern Memorial Culinary Scholarship

Arianna Liggon, Culinary Arts II, Troy

The Anthony & Josephine DeFazio Culinary Scholarship

Mikayla Quillinan, Culinary Arts II, Brunswick
Rensselaer Educational Center Awards

Program Awards

Automotive Services II
Mr. Mahony

Gabrielle Koch, Achievement, Hoosic Valley
Nathaniel Hemingway, Craftsmanship, Troy
Manny Holligan, Most Improved, East Greenbush

Automotive Services I
Mr. Mahony

Austin Smith, Achievement, Schodack
Brandon Dragon, Craftsmanship, Ravena-Coeymans
Ethan Lawrence, Most Improved, Rensselaer

Automotive Technology II
Mr. Daigle

William Scofield, Achievement, Hoosic Valley
Dominic Smith, Craftsmanship, Hoosic Valley
Joshua Wilson, Most Improved, Brunswick

Automotive Technology I
Mr. Daigle

Rocco Pascarella, Achievement, Brunswick
Joseph Canam, Craftsmanship, Berlin
Kyle Koenig, Most Improved, Troy

Certified Nursing Assistant
Mrs. Shader

Angelina Goyer, Achievement, Berlin
Molly Kane, Achievement, East Greenbush
Angelina Banks, Craftsmanship, East Greenbush
Stephanie Mangene, Craftsmanship, Averill Park

Construction Technology II
Mr. McGillycuddy

Jeffrey Huskie, Jr., Achievement, Schodack
Codi Genthner, Craftsmanship, Lansingburgh

Construction Technology I
Mr. McGillycuddy

Sam Baker, Achievement, Hoosic Valley
Dylan Charbonneau, Craftsmanship, Hoosic Valley
Jakob Fontaine, Most Improved, Brunswick

Cosmetology II
Mrs. Baron

Lauren Mercer, Achievement, Lansingburgh
Elizabeth Broderick, Craftsmanship, Lansingburgh
Megan Retzlaff, Most Improved, Troy

Cosmetology I
Mrs. Baron

Emily Turriglio, Achievement, Hoosic Valley
Elexys Watkajtys, Craftsmanship, Troy
Kiersten Fuerst, Most Improved, Averill Park

Criminal Justice II
Mrs. Gillett

Alexis Moskov, Achievement, Averill Park
Michael Capasso, Achievement, Hoosic Valley
Sadie Gartner, Achievement, Troy

Criminal Justice I
Mrs. Gillett

Lordez LaFond, Achievement, Lansingburgh
Cheyenne Christian, Achievement, Brunswick
Chyeene Smith, Achievement, Hoosic Valley

Culinary Arts II
Chef Ottati

Gracie Snyder, Achievement, East Greenbush
Jewelia Mae Pasinello, Craftsmanship, Averill Park
Patrick Sheldon, Most Improved, East Greenbush

Culinary Arts I
Chef Ottati

Kimberly Goldstein, Achievement, Lansingburgh
Kaiden Stevens, Craftsmanship, East Greenbush
Owen Green, Most Improved, Lansingburgh

Hospitality & Lodging
Ms. Haase

Jy’Quan Stewart, Achievement, Rensselaer
Tapanga Batchelder, Craftsmanship, Berlin
Katie Mason, Most Improved, Troy

Mr. Ramirez

Korey Brock, Achievement, Brunswick
Anthony Marshall, Craftsmanship, Brunswick

Mr. Ramirez

Landon Marks, Achievement, Hoosic Valley
Walter Reiser, Craftsmanship, Hoosic Valley
Justin Weaver, Most Improved, Averill Park

Information Technology II
Mr. Cappelli

Zachary Moskov, Achievement, Averill Park
Brion Daby, Craftsmanship, Berlin
Aidhan Callaghan, Craftsmanship, East Greenbush

Information Technology I
Mr. Cappelli

Katelynn Keeler, Achievement, Berlin
Joseph Manfred, Craftsmanship, Averill Park
Benjamin Bulan, Most Improved, Schodack

Introduction to Food Services II
Mrs. Nescot

Ryan Penman, Achievement, Albany
Abir Ahmed, Craftsmanship, Lansingburgh
Michaela Murray, Most Improved, Brunswick

Introduction to Food Services I
Mrs. Nescot

Matthew Bloom, Achievement, Bethlehem
Chyna Planas-Dove, Craftsmanship, Lansingburgh
Connor Walsh, Most Improved, Schodack

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