1. Districts should check the State Aid Unit’s website (https://stateaid.nysed.gov/) for the list of school district and BOCES capital projects with Final Cost Reports (FCRs) due 6/30/19 but which had not been received by SED as of April 13th;
2. Due dates for Capital Outlay Exception projects and EXCEL in-lieu of projects are not listed but these types of projects do have FCR due dates;
3. Districts are encouraged to send in forms, including Final Cost Reports, timely once the forms are able to be submitted. This would mean not waiting until June 30th to try to generate aid in the current year. The State Aid Unit has advised that processing can be delayed when there is a rush of forms sent in at the last minute. This is particularly problematic if SED determines that there are errors on the FCR. Unresolved errors on the FCR could potentially push the project past the June 30th due date.
4. FCRs must continue to be mailed to SED but there is a new email address for SA-132, SA-135 and SA-139 forms: buildingforms@nysed.gov

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