Information regarding Tax Base Growth Factors for School Districts is now available at the Department of Taxation and Finance’s website.  You can access this information using the following link:

This is one of the components in the Tax Levy Limit Calculation formula prescribed by the tax cap legislation and must be used by school districts to calculate their tax levy limit. A district’s tax base growth factor is a measure of the change in real property value due to physical or quantity changes (construction and capital improvements) of real property in the district from the July 2018 Assessment Roll.

Please note, the information provided under the initial posting may change for some districts prior to the final tax cap submission.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you go back and review the posted information once more prior to sending your final tax cap submission in March to adjust for any possible changes.

Note: Tax Based Growth Factor data is not published for all school districts at this time.  Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester county school districts are affected.  We will notify districts once this information is made available.

For more information on the calculation of the Tax Base Growth Factor, please see page 5 of our Property Tax Cap Guidebook.

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