Questar III would like to welcome the following new staff hired in October!

Catskill Academy:
Susan Flanagan – Special Education Teacher
Amanda Reyome – Special Education Teacher

Central Office:
Shana Barry – CBO & Fixed Asset Technician
Timothy Multer – Special Education School Improvement Specialist
Diana Vazquez – PRHYLI Coordinator

Columbia-Greene Educational Center:
Jessica Farley – Teaching Assistant
Lyndsie Hanson – Teaching Assistant
Ryan Sgroi – Teaching Assistant
Kristy Silvia – Teaching Assistant
Chelsea Welch – Teaching Assistant

George Washington School:
Dana Burgess – Crisis Intervention Worker
Krista Cooney – Administrative Assistant
Heather Leary-Hanaburgh – Special Education Teacher
Kimberly Kermani – Teaching Assistant

Goff Middle School: 
Audrey Bear – Teaching Assistant
Rachel Pulenskey – Teaching Assistant

Red Mill Elementary School:
Jeanette Botts – Special Education Teacher

Rensselaer Academy:
Megan Adams – Special Education Teacher
Angela Sousa – Teaching Assistant

Rensselaer Educational Center:
John Mahony – Teaching Assistant
Audrey VanderHoef – Integrated Science Teacher

Sackett Educational Center:
Jakie Parisi – School Social Worker
Mary Sill – teaching Assistant

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