Students gather for group photo in lobby of their conference center.

The New Visions Medical Class of 2019 gather at the Samaritan Hospital Margaret Krause Conference Center on 9/26/2018.

Questar III takes time to talk to students about expectations in the workplace, as we prepare them for college and careers, and for many students, that includes both. Monday morning,New Visions: Medical students discussed workplace behaviors and we talked about some of the parallels to what’s current in today’s world.

We had a great conversation about #MeToo and why that’s relevant in medical careers and we talked about the importance of being respectful and tolerant of differences. In schools, differences come in all sizes and shapes, beliefs and preferences and sometimes we need to invite dialogue and encourage students to challenge assumptions so that they are ready to do that throughout college and careers.

Young people who have grown up on social media see the world through a different lens than many adults – those of us who went to high school before social media became commonplace and essentially a daily source of information, sometimes information overload. It helps young people who are thinking about their futures to engage in dialogue with adults who see and hear the same current events. Ask students for their opinions. You’ll be surprised – they are well read, concerned and care deeply about their world. Sometimes we don’t know that simply because we just don’t ask.

For these students focused on careers in healthcare, being able to discern credible information from that which is not is a mandatory skill to develop. Teachers play a big role in this growth when they take the time to discuss current events with their students, especially with the prevalence of “fake news” and “alternative facts”.

The New Visions Class of 2019 is pointed in the direction of exciting medical careers that require open minds, critical thinking and challenging assumptions. That’s what they want and need to do. Take time to listen to today’s young people. They have a lot to say and can teach us a thing or two.


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