SED’s Office of Information Reporting Services (IRS) will finalize the online files containing SIRS and BEDS data for fall 2017 enrollment and free and reduced price lunch (FRPL) this month (you may consult with your Level 1 regional data center for processing deadlines).  Once this data is finalized, districts will no longer have the ability to make revisions to these counts.  This data is vital because it has a direct impact on the amount of State Aid received by districts.  Therefore, districts are strongly encouraged to log into the IRS portal and review their fall 2017 enrollment and FRPL counts currently on file with SED to verify that the data is accurate.  You may use the following link to access the IRS portal:  Upon review, if you find that the data for the fall 2017 enrollment and FRPL counts within your district is inaccurate, then you must be certain that the information is revised no later than the week of August 13, 2018.

The Three Year Enrollment Summary Report may be used to review the fall 2017 enrollment and FRPL data aggregated on the district level.  This report contains both current and historical data (up to two years prior) for comparison purposes.  The data found under this report is based on information entered by your district into the Student Individual Repository System (SIRS) and BEDS Online.  You can reference the ‘L2RPT Verification Reports’ found within the SIRS system to breakdown the data records associated with the aggregate counts found under this summary report.

SED’s memo for this deadline can be found by clicking the following link:  Instructions on accessing and using the IRS portal can be found here:  The Data Coordinator within your district should be contacted to facilitate any revisions needed for your SIRS data.

Please contact Ellen Martin ( (518) 474-7965) of SED’s IRS office for assistance with any data revisions required for your fall 2017 enrollment or FRPL counts.

NOTE: Enrollment data for both Charter and Nonpublic schools are reported directly to SED by those schools, NOT your district. Therefore, you must contact the Data Coordinator for each individual school if you find discrepancies in the fall 2017 enrollment counts for these schools to request revisions be made to SIRS (for charter schools) or BEDS Online (for nonpublic schools).

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