School districts and BOCES are required to complete and submit various plans, applications and reports to SED via the business portal on a regular basis throughout the school year to be in compliance with federal and State legislative and regulatory mandates, and administrative directives.  These required plans, applications and reports are important because it provides education policy makers with qualitative and quantitative data which include, but is not limited to:

1) Student achievement and district efforts to close the performance gap among student subgroups.

2) Ongoing measures to ensure essential student health and safety.

3) Ensuring that public resources are used as intended to support the State’s education agenda.

In an effort to assist districts in meeting the deadlines for these reporting requirements, SED has provided school districts and BOCES with a streamlined web-based list containing all of the reporting requirements which are to be submitted at various dates throughout the school year.  You may find this web-based list by clicking on the following link:  This website serves as a single access point for all Prekindergarten through Grade 12 educational and financial plans, applications, reports and other data that must be submitted to the New York State Education Department.

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