The end of the school year of course brings with it a full docket of graduations, award ceremonies and other celebrations for students, and Questar III’s Special Education programs are no exception!

Rensselaer Academy (June 6):

Students at RA were recognized with awards for academics, attendance, behavior and growth and their annual awards ceremony. Two students graduated from RA and two graduated from Heather Silvernail’s class in Rensselaer Jr/Sr. High School. See more photos here.



Academy at Rensselaer Educational Center (June 8):

Three students graduated from the Academy at REC. The Academy began in the fall of 2016 with the goal of allowing more special education students the opportunity to take part in a Career Studies or Career & Technical Education program. The ceremony also included a slideshow of photos throughout the course of the year. See more photos here.


Catskill Academy (June 8):

Staff at Catskill Academy recognized students for their growth and achievement during the school year at the annual awards ceremony. One student also graduated from the Academy, and several students were recognized for moving up. See more photos here.




Sackett Educational Center (June 8):

Five students made up the Sackett Class of 2018. In the graduation ceremony at Green Meadow Elementary School, staff offered advice and words of encouragement to the graduates, and several students also spoke and reflected on their experiences. Kathy Beardsley, of Questar III’s State Aid Planning service awarded two students scholarships from NYSASBO. See more photos here.



Questar III @ Columbia High School (June 11):

Students and staff of Questar III’s classes at Columbia High School held their annual end-of-year celebration and recognized students for their success throughout the past year. Student experiences through work-based and service learning projects were also celebrated. See more photos here.




George Washington School (June 15):

At George Washington School’s annual end-of-year celebration, students received awards for reading, math, art, science, citizenship, behavior, improvement and overall excellence. Several students were also recognized for moving on from GWS to other programs. See more photos here.



Questar III @ Goff Middle School (June 15):

Our classes at Goff Middle School held a Moving Up Day celebration to recognize students for their hard work and growth during the 2017-2018 school year, as well as those students moving on to other programs. See more photos here.




Questar III @ Ichabod Crane (June 15):

Students in Beth St. Clair-Bedell’s Questar III class at Ichabod Crane were honored for their achievement and growth during the school year, as well as their participation in work-based and service learning projects. Certificates were presented by representatives from various local businesses the students worked with during the year. One student also graduated from the program and was presented a diploma by the CSE Chair from his home district. See more photos here.


Questar III @ Maple Hill MS (June 18):

Questar III’s classes at Maple Hill Middle School recognized students for their work during the school year at their annual awards ceremony. See more photos here.




Questar III @ Red Mill Elementary School (June 18):

Staff and students in our classes at Red Mill brought the year to a close with several activities from the end of May through the end of the year, including a celebration of student achievement on June 18.






The Robin Sobol Transition Academy- formerly Sarah’s Sisters (June 20):

The Robin Sobol Transition Academy held its graduation on June 20th at The Arts Center of the Capital Region and recognized three students for completing the program. Also at the ceremony, the program was officially renamed from Sarah’s Sisters to The Robin Sobol Transition Academy, in honor of retired Questar III Director of Special Education, Robin Sobol, who brought the program from an idea to a reality. See photos here, and hear from Sobol in a short video here.


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