Students at Questar III’s Rensselaer Educational Center in Troy were honored at the school’s annual awards night Wednesday, June 6 at Rensselaer City School District. The event recognized students’ for their hard work and dedication to their studies during the 2017-2018 school year.

This year, 37 students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society for the first time, seven were inducted for the second year, and one student was inducted as a third-year member. In total, 15 students were awarded scholarships totaling $6,500, including the $2,500 2018 Keith Tremblay Motorhead Memorial Scholarship, in honor of 2012 REC Graduation Keith Tremblay, who passed away last June.

We spoke with Keith’s parents after the ceremony:

Congratulations to all our students on the completion of another successful year!

See more photos on our Facebook page, and see the full list of award and scholarship winners below.

National Technical Honor Society:

Three–Year Member
Andrew Eggers, Introduction to Foods II, New Lebanon

Two–Year Members
Breanna Brundige, Construction Technology II, Berlin
Kayla Denue, Criminal Justice II, New Lebanon
Matthew Dickson, Information Technology II, Hoosic Valley
Mikayla DiLorenzo, Cosmetology II, Brunswick
Karla Koch, Criminal Justice II, Hoosic Valley
Sean Wheeler, Information Technology II, Averill Park
Kyle Woodard, Information Technology II, Hoosic Valley

First-Year Members
Mackenzie Adams, Certified Nursing Assistant, Lansingburgh
Kyana Aguirre, Criminal Justice I, Lansingburgh
John Baerga, Culinary Arts II, Troy
Abigale Baez, Criminal Justice II, Lansingburgh
Korey Brock, HVAC I, Brunswick
Jasmine Brown, Criminal Justice II, Lansingburgh
Michael Capasso, Criminal Justice II, Hoosic Valley
Jacob Charest, Introduction to Foods I, Brunswick
Brion Daby, Information Technology I, Berlin
Stevie Deming, Culinary Arts I, Hoosic Valley
Mackenzy Ferra, Culinary Arts II, Averill Park
Peter Flick, HVAC II, Averill Park
Megan Gilbert, Certified Nursing Assistant, Brunswick
Sean Gillan, Information Technology II, Rensselaer
Jacob Goodermote, Automotive Technology I, Berlin
Calvin Gourrier-Gamble, Criminal Justice II, Lansingburgh
Amanda Hyson, Cosmetology II, Averill Park
Joshua Kluck, Criminal Justice II, Berlin
Ryan Kronau, Culinary Arts II, Averill Park
Ashley LaBreck, Certified Nursing Assistant, East Greenbush
Brigham Logue, Automotive Technology I, Hoosic Valley
Anthony Marshall, HVAC I, Brunswick
Katie Mason, Career Exploration, Troy
Rhonda McBride, Criminal Justice, Schodack
Joshua Morra, Criminal Justice I, Averill Park
Alexia Moskov, Criminal Justice I, Averill Park
Zachary Moskov, Information Technology I, Averill Park
Joyce-Ann Peckham, Criminal Justice II, Hoosic Valley
Ryan Reardon, HVAC I, Brunswick
Julia Rivers, Certified Nursing Assistant, Troy
Karyssa Shord, Certified Nursing Assistant, Schodack
Aaron Sislowski, Information Technology II, Lansingburgh
Gracie Snyder, Culinary Arts I, Brunswick
Collin St Pierre, Information Technology I, Averill Park
Jy’Quan Stewart, Career Exploration, Rensselaer
Oryonnah Vaughan, Certified Nursing Assistant, Lansingburgh
Mallory Wood, Certified Nursing Assistant, Averill Park

Special Recognition

William Morehouse Scholarship
Joseph Hurd, HVAC II, East Greenbush

Blue Shield Scholarship
Mallory Wood, Certified Nursing Assistant, Averill Park

Samuel Nelson Scholarship
Karyssa Shord, Certified Nursing Assistant, Schodack

Skills USA State Winner
Julia Rivers, 1st Place, Nurse Assisting, Troy

Skills USA Regional Competitors
Amberleigh Davis, 4th Place, Internetworking, Lansingburgh
Mikayla DiLorenzo, 2nd Place, Cosmetology Senior, Brunswick
ShiAnn Faluszczak, 3rd Place, Job Skills Demo, Brunswick
Gianna Green, 5th Place, Cosmetology Junior, East Greenbush
Austain LeDuc, 5th Place, Internetworking, Averill Park
Julia Rivers, 3rd Place, Nurse Assisting, Troy
Meaghen Spaulding, 4th Place, Cosmetology Senior, East Greenbush
Jackson Ostwald, 3rd Place, Food Prep Assistant Basic, East Greenbush


Rensselaer Educational Center Scholarships
Kayla Denue, Criminal Justice, New Lebanon
Peter Flick, HVAC, Averill Park
Ashley LaBreck, CNA, East Greenbush
Zachary Pawlows, HVAC, New Lebanon
Julia Rivers, CNA, Troy
Alexandria Woelfersheim, Criminal Justice, Hoosic Valley

NYS SkillsUSA Area III Scholarship
Julia Rivers, CNA, Troy

NYS Association of School Business Officials Scholarship
Julia Rivers, CNA, Troy

The Madison Stern Memorial Culinary Scholarship
Alivia King, Culinary Arts, Troy

The Anthony & Josephine DeFazio Culinary Scholarship
Paige Palmer, Culinary Arts II, Brunswick

The National Technical Honor Society Jon H. Poteat Scholarship
Karla Koch, Criminal Justice II, Hoosic Valley

The 2018 Keith Tremblay Motorhead Memorial Scholarship
Cameron Canfield, Automotive Technology II, Lansingburgh

Career & Technical Education and Career Studies Awards:

HVAC/R II – Mr. Ramirez
Peter Flick, Achievement, Averill Park
Zachary Pawlows, Craftsmanship, New Lebanon
Joseph Hurd, Most Improved, East Greenbush

HVAC/R I – Mr. Ramirez
Korey Brock, Achievement, Brunswick
Jacob Gregory, Craftsmanship, East Greenbush
Joseph Martin, Most Improved, Troy

Introduction to Food Service II – Mrs. Nescot
Bryanna Venson, Achievement, Lansingburgh
Andrew Eggers, Craftsmanship, New Lebanon
Alisha Harris, Most Improved, Brunswick

Introduction to Food Service I – Mrs. Nescot
Matthew Spain, Achievement, Lansingburgh
Vincent Olmeda, Craftsmanship, Brunswick
Jacob Charest, Most Improved, Brunswick

Hospitality & Lodging – Ms. Haase
Micquan Myrick, Achievement, Albany
Qwayvell Lebron, Craftsmanship, Adult
Da-Shawn Jones-Richardson, Most Improved, Lansingburgh

Culinary Arts II – Chef Ottati
Mackenzy Ferra, Achievement, Averill Park
Ryan Kronau, Craftsmanship, Averill Park
Paige Palmer, Most Improved, Brunswick

Culinary Arts I – Chef Ottati
Siquel Downs, Achievement, Troy
Stevie Deming, Craftsmanship, Hoosic Valley
Gracie Snyder, Most Improved, East Greenbush

Criminal Justice II – Mrs. Gillett
Abigale Baez, Most Improved, Lansingburgh
Jasmine Brown, Most Improved, Lansingburgh
Joshua Kluck, Most Improved, Berlin

Criminal Justice I – Mrs. Gillett
Alexis Moskov, Achievement, Averill Park
Michael Capasso, Achievement, Hoosic Valley
Rhonda McBride, Achievement, Schodack

Cosmetology II – Mrs. Baron
Amanda Hyson, Achievement, Averill Park
Mikayla DiLorenzo, Craftsmanship, Tamarac
Anna-Faith DeGiorgio, Most Improved, Hoosic Valley

Cosmetology I – Mrs. Baron
Marissa Lenartz, Achievement, East Greenbush
Gianna Green, Craftsmanship, East Greenbush
India Harrison, Most Improved, Troy

Construction Technology II – Mr. McGillycuddy
Breanna Brundige, Achievement, Berlin
Geovanny Cruz-Cruz, Craftsmanship, Schodack
Patrick Hall, Most Improved, Berlin

Construction Technology I – Mr. McGillycuddy
Caleb Walean, Achievement, East Greenbush
Shelbey Phillips, Craftsmanship, Berlin
Codi Genthner, Most Improved, Lansingburgh

Certified Nursing Assistant – Mrs. Shader
Ashley LaBreck, Achievement, East Greenbush
Oryonnah Vaughan, Achievement, Lansingburgh
Julia Rivers, Craftsmanship, Troy
Mallory Wood, Craftsmanship, Averill Park

Career Exploration – Mr. Mahony
Jy’Quan Stewart, Achievement, Rensselaer
Katie Mason, Craftsmanship, Troy
Angela Bass, Most Improved, Lansingburgh

Aviation Maintenance Technology II – Mr. Mahony
Destiney Lavenia-Watson, Achievement, Berlin
Tyler Keller, Craftsmanship, East Greenbush
Gabriella Nusbaum, Most Improved, East Greenbush

Automotive Technology II – Mr. Daigle
Cameron Canfield, Achievement, Lansingburgh
Steven Mallory, Craftsmanship, New Lebanon
Wyatt LeVan, Most Improved, Brunswick

Automotive Technology I – Mr. Daigle
Jacob Goodermote, Achievement, Berlin
Dustin Hoag, Craftsmanship, Berlin
Andrew Sears, Most Improved, New Lebanon

Automotive Services AM – Mr. Biette
Shelby McCabe, Achievement, East Greenbush
Cody Domey, Most Improved, Lansingburgh

Automotive Services I – Mr. Biette
Kyle Sharpe, Craftsmanship, Hoosic Valley

Academy for Information Technology II – Mr. Cappelli
Kyle Woodard, Achievement, Hoosic Valley
Sean Gillan, Craftsmanship, Rensselaer
Matthew Dickson, Craftsmanship, Hoosic Valley

Academy for Information Technology I – Mr. Cappelli
Zachary Moskov, Achievement, Averill Park
Brion Daby, Craftsmanship, Berlin
Collin St. Pierre, Craftsmanship, Averill Park

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