On Tuesday, June 5, students at Columbia-Greene Educational Center in Hudson were recognized for their work during the 2017-2018 school year. In the ceremony at Columbia-Greene Community College, four students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society for the second year, and nine were honored as first-time inductees. Upon completion of all required Regents exams, 12 students will graduate from the Academic Learning Program, and seven will graduate from the Career Academy. Across all programs at CGEC, 18 students were awarded scholarships totaling $11,000. For the first time this year, students were awarded the Phyllis Church Memorial Scholarship and Peter Rupp Memorial Scholarship. The Phyllis Church Memorial Scholarship was made possible by a donation from her son and CGEC teacher Mr. Craig Church to honor her caring nature by awarding CNA student Maria Schermerhorn a scholarship for her academic achievement and desire to care for those around her. The Peter Rupp Memorial Scholarship was awarded in memory of long time CGEC staffer Peter Rupp thanks to donations from his brother Lawrence, his wife JoAnn and several other donors. Willow Hallock and Saege Lasher were the first two recipients of the scholarship in Mr. Rupp’s honor.

Congratulations to all our students on the completion of another successful year!

See more photos on our Facebook page, and see the full list of award and scholarship winners below.

National Technical Honor Society

Two–Year Members
Willow Hallock, Culinary Arts. Cairo-Durham
Jacob Howard, Information Technology, Taconic Hills
Cody Maxfield, Criminal Justice, Hudson
Daniel Stang, Criminal Justice, Taconic Hills

First–Year Members
Autumn Bishop, Cosmetology, Ichabod Crane
Anita Davis Stough, Culinary Arts. Cairo-Durham
John Gambino, Criminal Justice. Hudson
Brandi Johnson, C.N.A., Taconic Hills
Saege Lasher, C.N.A., Ichabod Crane
Neil Malone, Criminal Justice, Cairo-Durham
Devin Rideout, Building Trades, Germantown
Maria Schermerhorn, C.N.A., Ichabod Crane
Halle Zini, Culinary Arts, Coxsackie-Athens

Academic Learning Program

Completion of the Academic Learning Program
(Upon Completion of Regents Exams)

Manazhia Atkins
Angelina Baerga
Marrianna Bellerose
Bridgette Carpenter
Jordan Cintron
Cinnamon Gray
Nathan Hernandez
Brian Lane
Devon Lasher
Mason Lewis
Jonathon Munson
Luis Siri

Academic Learning Program Awards
(Upon Completion of Regents Exams)

Harley McCagg, Academic Achievement, Chatham
Arianna Ashby, Fellowship Award, Coxsackie-Athens
Mason Lewis, Fellowship Award, Catskill
Luis Siri, Most Improved Award, Catskill

Career Academy Program

Completion of the Career Academy Program
(Upon Completion of Regents Exams)

Jeremy Cramer
Shamari Forbes
Inderly In-Stinfil
Michael LaRosa
Monique Rivera
Emily Sullivan
Jordan Wilson

Career Academy Program Awards
(Upon Completion of Regents Exams)

Ta’Shawn VanAlphen, Academic Achievement, Hudson
Jordan Wilson, Academic Achievement, Hudson
Tiarrah Cuyler, Fellowship Award, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk
Shamari Forbes, Fellowship Award, Chatham
Emily Sullivan, Most Improved Award, Hudson
Raziel Almstead, Most Improved Award, Hudson

Scholarship Winners

Willow Hallock, Culinary Arts, Cairo-Durham
Jacob Howard, Information Technology, Taconic Hills
Brandi Johnson, C.N.A., Taconic Hills
Jessica Kopec, Culinary Arts, Cairo-Durham
Saege Lasher, C.N.A., Ichabod Crane
Cody Maxfield, Criminal Justice, Hudson
Stephanie Miller, Culinary Arts, Cairo-Durham
Maria Schermerhorn, C.N.A., Ichabod Crane
Logan Winnie, Information Technology, Chatham

The Alice and Murray Giddings Foundation
Kaleb Bradley, Culinary Arts, Germantown

Barbara Decker Memorial Award
Career Studies student with exceptional work ethics and a positive attitude:
Ashley Escudero, Intro. to Employment, Catskill

Bruce Baldwin Award
In memory of our esteemed and respected former colleague, given to a deserving student who demonstrates excellence in the automotive field and is also a positive contributor to the community:
Miguel Lopez, Automotive Services, Catskill
Riley Clark, Automotive Technologies, Taconic Hills
Devin Stalker, Automotive Technologies, Hudson

Bruce Baldwin Scholarship
Devin Stalker, Automotive Technologies, Hudson

Phyllis Church Memorial Scholarship
Maria Schermerhorn, C.N.A., Ichabod Crane

Peter Rupp Memorial Scholarship
Willow Hallock, Culinary Arts, Cairo-Durham
Saege Lasher, C.N.A., Ichabod Crane

Senior SkillsUSA Award
Marrianna Bellerose, Cosmetology, Coxsackie-Athens
Charles Hart Jr., Construction Technologies, Ichabod Crane

Career & Technical Education and Career Studies Awards

Welding Fabrication I – Mr. Hull
Noah Shackelton, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Jared Kwarta, Craftsmanship, Ichabod Crane
Joel Keeny, Most Improved, Greenville
Hailey Matthews, Most Improved, Catskill

Welding Fabrication II – Mr. Hull
Dalton Pruiksma, Achievement, Greenville
Matt Quigley, Craftsmanship, Ichabod Crane

Intro. to Food Services – Chef DiMartino
Jordan Wilson, Achievement, Hudson
Nicholas Paljusaj, Achievement, Catskill
Alexis Burnett, Craftsmanship, Cairo-Durham
Tyler Daves, Craftsmanship, Ichabod Crane
Kirk-Michael Woodhouse, Most Improved, Catskill

Intro. to Employment & Career Exploration – Ms. Olin
Kiersten Perry, Achievement, Catskill
Ashley Escudero, Craftsmanship, Catskill
Cory Chapman, Leadership, Ichabod Crane
Daniel Scism, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Tiarrah Cuyler, Craftsmanship, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk
Elena Campion, Most Improved, Germantown

HVAC/R I – Mr. Veeder
Jacob Johnson, Achievement, Hudson
Jeremy Bulich, Craftsmanship, Catskill

HVAC/R II – Mr. Veeder
Devin Jenrich, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Matthew Hallenbeck, Craftsmanship, Greenville

Culinary Arts I – Chef Desmond
Dominic DeFelipo, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Anita Davis, Craftsmanship, Cairo-Durham
Isaac Gregory, Most Improved, Hudson

Culinary Arts II – Chef Desmond
Halle Zini, Achievement, Coxsackie-Athens
Jessica Kopec, Craftsmanship, Cairo-Durham
Ashley Pupek, Most Improved, Cairo-Durham

Criminal Justice I – Mr. Pierro
Neil Malone, Achievement, Cairo-Durham
John Gambino, Craftsmanship, Hudson

Criminal Justice II – Mr. Pierro
Daniel Stang, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Trevor Otty, Craftsmanship, Hudson

Cosmetology I – Ms. Helinski
Autumn Bishop, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Allyssa Rippel, Craftsmanship, Chatham

Cosmetology II – Ms. Helinski
Marrianna Bellerose, Achievement, Coxsackie-Athens
Wenskarly Alce, Craftsmanship, Adult
Julianna Jennings, Most Improved, Ichabod Crane

Construction Technologies I – Mr. Ebel
Jacob Masten, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Jordan Ford, Craftsmanship, Chatham

Construction Technologies II – Mr. Ebel
Jorge Garcia, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Ben Anderson, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Josh Edwards, Craftsmanship, Catskill

Certified Nurse Assistant – Ms. Hernandez
Maria Schermerhorn, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Paige Novack, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Most Islam, Craftsmanship, Hudson
Rachel Dellea, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills
Shiayr Jackson, Most Improved, Taconic Hills

Building Trades – Mr. Augstell
Cecilia Young, Achievement, Catskill
David Kiefer, Achievement, Catskill
Devin Rideout, Craftsmanship, Germantown
David Kiefer, Craftsmanship, Catskill
Noah Alfeld, Most Improved, Cairo-Durham
Kirk McCann,Most Improved, Cairo-Durham

Aviation I – Mr. Costello
Christopher Diamanti, Achievement, Germantown
Christopher Diamanti, Craftsmanship, Germantown

Aviation II – Mr. Costello
Erin Pulver, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Daniel Dwy, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills

Automotive Services – Mr. Snyder
Arthur Knapp III, Achievement, Catskill
Zachary Friss, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Hunter Tetro, Craftsmanship, Germantown
Michael Weaver, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills
William Spring, Most Improved, Cairo-Durham

Automotive Technologies I – Mr. Smith
Philip Ribeiro, Achievement, Taconic Hills
William Hull, Craftsmanship, Germantown

Automotive Technologies II – Mr. Smith
Devin Stalker, Achievement, Hudson
Riley Clark, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills

Academy for Information Technology I – Mr. Knichel
Keaton Pedersen, Achievement, Catskill
Blake Davis, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills

Academy for Information Technology II – Mr. Knichel
Jacob Howard, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Logan Winnie, Craftsmanship, Chatham

Business Employment Standards Transition (B.E.S.T.) Portfolio Awards 2018:

C.N.A. – Kelly Hernandez
Saege Lasher
Maria Schermerhorn
Brandi Johnson
Zoe Dyer
Samantha Marrish
Paulina Vojnik
Rachel Dellea
Paige Novack

Culinary Arts – Peter Desmond
Caeley Bachman
Kaleb Brandley
Halle Zini
Kevin Cantelmo
Erica Huntington
Willow Hallock
Ashley Pupek
Patricia Decker

Construction – William Ebel
Ben Anderson
Killian Bates
Charles Hart
Joshua Edwards
Josh Tuttle
Cameron Baitsholts

Criminal Justice – Anthony Pierro
Daniel Stang

Welding – Ed Hull
Ryan Conner

AIT – Michael Knichel
Jacob Howard

HVAC – Michael Veeder
Gabriel Gettleman
Seth Kowalski

Cosmetology – Rosemary Helinski
Hannah Bouchard-Klein
Morgan Hallenbeck
Julianna Jennings
Cassidy McFadden
Lauren Purdy
Ashlyn Smith
Dayna Wickson
Wenskarly Alce

SkillsUSA State Competition
2nd Place – Welding II – Matthew Quigley (Ichabod Crane)

Scholars Recognition Program
Jessica Kopec – Culinary Arts (Cairo-Durham)

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