Here are some reminders of new items for this year-end:

Lunch Shaming Ban Plans:

Legislation was recently passed that requires all school districts that participate in the National School Lunch/Breakfast program to submit a plan to the Commissioner by July 1, 2018 of how the district will ensure that children are not shamed or treated differently due to their parents/guardians having unpaid balances in the Food Service Fund. The new law includes several detailed requirements that must be included in the plan. Click here for a copy of the law for your reference. (Section 908 of Education Law).  The plans should be submitted to the New York State Education Department’s electronic mailbox via by July 1, 2018.

In addition, once the plan has been submitted, the District must adopt and post the plan on its district’s website.

Addition to Fund Balance Reserves:

Please be reminded as your district reviews its fund balance reserves for year end June 30, 2018, that legislation was passed in 2016 that requires that all monies paid or transferred into a reserve fund needs a resolution from the Board of Education or trustees approving such increase.  Click here for a copy of the law for your reference. (Section 3653 of the Education Law).

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