A message from Miss Remillard

At our March Bake sale, students buy treats with their PBIS points

At our March Bake sale, students buy treats with their PBIS points

April marks the beginning of the 4th quarter of the school year!  We are in the home stretch.  This time of year also brings New York State assessments in English and Math for students in grade 3-8.  At the end of May, students in grade 4 and 8 will participate in NY State Science test as well.  These tests are designed to provide valuable information to you and your child’s school program about the strengths and weaknesses of instruction in these subject areas. This year the assessments will be shorter in testing sessions, and question numbers, however your child will have as much time as needed to complete the test each day.  More information can be found here.  Please help your student prepare for these testing days by getting a good night’s sleep, arriving on time daily and encouraging them to work hard, “try your best” show all the wonderful things they have learned in school.  Your support each morning makes a difference.

Our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) skill of the month for April is Responsibility is the Key to Success. Students will be encouraged to: be honest, be responsible, be trustworthy, and do what they know is right. We are very close to earning a schoolwide party for demonstrating the skill of the month!


Photo of students conducting the "can water walk" experimentCan Water Walk? photo of students posing with graphs they created after surveying the GWS communityData Collection

Classroom Happenings

Miss Kirker’s classroom scientists (left) conducted the experiment, Can Water Walk?
They learned how primary colors make all the other colors of the rainbow!
Miss Lund’s class (right) surveyed all GW students about favorite things.
They learned about data collection/graphing!


Student posts in front of books with a sign showing Room #4 score 1053 - winner!

March Madness Reading Challenge

Classroom 4 were the winners of the March Madness Reading Challenge with a total of 1053 minutes of reading!  These students won a classroom pizza party! Thank you for showing how important reading is at GWS!





students smile around a table with ice cream at the PBIS ice cream social

Ice Cream Social

In March, we had an ice cream party for those students who reached Level 4 or earned a certain number of Green Earned Times.  Every month, GWS has a PBIS celebration for students who have met certain behavioral landmarks. These students have really shown how to Be Respectful, Be in Control and Be Ready to Learn!  Nice Work !




Important Dates

April 11 – 13th – NYS ELA Assessment

April 13th and 27th – Happy’s Therapy Dogs Visit

April 16th – Start of the 4th Quarter

April 13th – Beauty Day

April 26th – Level 4 Lunch

April 30th – Primary Party

May 1st – 3rd – NYS Math Assessment


Talking with Your Children about Safety

Recently there have been high profile acts of violence, particularly in school settings, which have the potential to cause students to feel worried or afraid.  As adults they will look to us for guidance and information.  Attached is a letter from the National Association of School Psychologists that provides tips and advice on how to address these concerns with our children and build a sense of security and normalcy.  This is a very useful resource for guiding these very important conversations with your children. Find more valuable resources here.

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