SED has posted this year’s Non-Allowable Pupil Decimal (NAPD) list: In addition, on March 5th, the Non-Allowable Pupil Decimal (NAPD) Preparation and Filing memo was emailed to all School District State Aid Designees.

School districts are required to submit this data every three years or if there have been changes to your district’s transportation policy ( The worksheet should be completed using data from a routine day of session in March, April, or May of the 2017-18 school year.

Do not submit hard copy of the NAPD data. The actual worksheet will be included as part of the SAMS 2018-19 Claim Year forms to be made available later this year.  For your use in gathering the necessary data before the end of the school year, a printable version of the NAPD worksheet may be obtained by going to:

Districts should review carefully the “Aid Year” which is included in the email from the State Aid Office regarding the NAPD and also determine whether any of the other qualifying events have occurred since the last time documentation was submitted to SED. Not all districts will necessarily be submitting data this year.

Instructions for completing the NAPD worksheet may be obtained by going to:

Additional guidance for reporting Universal PreKindergarten pupils is available here:

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