SED’s Office of Facilities Planning is working towards improving the capital construction project review process and as a result a new pre-screening process has been implemented for all projects received on or after September 28, 2017 (this includes any project documents loaded into the electronic review system).  Effective immediately, this group of projects are subject to a pre-screening process. During the pre-screening phase, project submissions will be reviewed to verify completeness, coordination, and code compliance in an effort to minimize the amount of time which was previously required by SED to track down missing or incomplete information.

A pre-screening checklist for technical submissions has been provided and may be used as a guide to ensure all submissions are complete and bid ready.  This checklist outlines items required under the general, all trades, code compliance drawings, site plans, architectural, mechanical/electrical/and plumbing (MEP), and specifications sections that must be submitted during the pre-screening process.  The technical submissions checklist can be found using the following link:  An additional checklist is also available which identifies the paperwork which SED will be reviewing in order to verify completeness which can be found here: A project will need to be determined to be “review ready” before a project number will be issued and the project is put in the final review queue.

For projects that were received prior to September 28, 2017, the project is already in the final queue.  After December 1st , if one of these projects is picked up for review and it is determined to be “so incomplete that a review can’t be started”, an email notification will be issued (which goes out to all contacts provided on the checklist included with the initial submission package) and this project’s submission will be placed at the end of the review queue.  We recommend that districts ensure that all projects submitted before September 28, 2017 are complete and ready for review before December 1st. The new checklists should provide guidance for districts to ensure that their projects are completed and thus will not be placed at the end of the review queue.

Further information on this capital project pre-screening process can be found within SED’s memo dated October 30th using the following link:

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