Employees from any school district in Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene counties may utilize the free services of the Questar III BOCES regional certification office to properly file certification applications, check on their certification status or to get help navigating the New York State Education Department’s TEACH system.

Teachers, pupil personnel, teacher assistants, coaches or any employee requiring New York State certification can call Questar III Certification Specialist Denise Geyer with questions regarding their certification, questions on filing applications with the TEACH system, and to gain additional certification.

According to Geyer, many school district employees choose Questar III’s regional certification office for certification because the process is fast and they have the opportunity to speak to a person directly. In addition, Geyer will contact the employee to inform them of any missing information prior to final submission.

Questar III also updates district leadership on new requirements or changes coming down the pike to ensure all employees are in compliance.

To contact the Questar III regional certification office, please contact Denise Geyer at 518-479-6883.

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