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Inquiry Based Curriculum:


Inquiry Based Learning

  NYS Common Core Standards
  NYS Common Core Standards
  New York City Information Fluency Continuum and Benchmarks and Assessments
  APPR - Approved Rubrics- SED
  WISE Curriculum created by WSWHE Boces, Capital Region Boces and Mary Ratzer




Mary Ratzer's Inquiry Workshop Documents:

Mary's wiki - Standard's Based Vision
CASDA Inquiry (ppt)
Common Core Learning Standards - Teacher collaboration (ppt)
Engaging Learners in Inquiry (ppt)
Getting that Creative Idea born (ppt)
Ignite the Common Core with Inquiry (ppt)
Inquiry Common Core Crosswalk (ppt)
Inquiry Training Set (.doc)
Planning for Inquiry (ppt)
Transforming Learning with Quality Questions (ppt)

InquiryThe following collaborative documents integrate the NYS learning standards with National Literacy Standards, National Educational Technology Standards, and the New York City School Library System Information Fluency Continuum. The group drew inspiration from research and curricular models, such as The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, the Center for International Scholarship in School Library, and the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL).

This curriculum provides a framework for instructional partnership linking librarians, teachers, and students in an active learning environment. Fundamentally a skills based matrix, the curriculum was designed for collaborative planning and instruction and can be integrated into any curriculum area.

Based not only on problem solving and thinking skills, this matrix is inquiry driven which leads the learner to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information. The inquiry model empowers the learner to connect, focus, investigate, construct, express, and reflect/evaluate.

Potential outcomes of the implementation of this curriculum include:

  • A boost in student achievement and motivation
  • Development of higher order thinking skills
  • Lifelong learners with productive habits of mind
  • A school culture of collaboration
  • Enhanced knowledge in the content areas
Inquiry Based Curriculum Beyond Information
Beyond Information Presentation Literacy Curriculum resources
Crosswalk grid Information Literacy Presentation
Benchmarks Performance Indicators Rediscovering Research
ILC Crosswalk  











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