Questar III and its participating school districts use an automated system where employees report absences and substitutes are placed within jobs. The system is called SubFinder and it's very similar to the automated systems you have already used when dealing with your bank, insurance company, or any airline. All you have to do is enter your absence in SubFinder over the phone or web and let the system do the rest! If a substitute is required for your absence, SubFinder will use a series of criteria to fill it with the most qualified substitute for the position.

How to access SubFinder:

Phone Number: 518.479.6868
Toll Free: 1.877.400.0342
Employee access to SubFinder:
Administrative access to SubFinder:
SubFinder Helpdesk: 518.479.6988

User Guides:

Phone Instructions
WebConnect Guide

New Employee Form:

When a new employee who receives attendance is hired at Questar III, the Human Resources office will submit a SubFinder New Employee Form to the SubFinder Help Desk.

New Employee Form