Adult Education and Workforce Development

Questar III’s Adult Education and Workforce Development is designed to provide learning opportunities that tap into the potential of the students we serve and then link them with meaningful employment that recognizes the skills, talents, and abilities they have developed.

Available programs include Adult Literacy, HSE preparation and testing, English as a New Language (ENL): Formally ESL, Community Education and other training programs.

Adult Education and Workforce Development also provides local businesses with workforce development trainings to improve the performance of current employees or to train new employees with the skills necessary to be productive in today’s global workplace.

We create opportunities for students to expand their horizons with new skills, and new employment opportunities that both exist and are evolving in Tech Valley.

Upcoming Courses

Skills Preparation Class for State Cosmetology Exam

This course is designed to prepare the student to take the New York State Board Practical Examination. Scope of Lesson Overview: Professional Appearance, Preparation of Work Area & Client Preparation, Haircutting Techniques, Blow-Dry Styling, Thermal Curling, Roller Placement, Permanent Waving Simulation, Pincurls, Fingerwaving, Foil Simulation, Haircoloring Simulation, Chemical Restructuring Simulation, Clean up of work area.

Private Pilot Ground School-Glider

A comprehensive training course designed to prepare the student to take and pass the FAA Private Pilot-Glider written test. This course will cover aerodynamics, weather, communications, operations and FAA regulations regarding glider flight. Additional topics will be presented as appropriate. This course gives the student complete insight into the world of engineless flight and includes introductory flight lesson from Adirondack Soaring at Saratoga County airport..

Education Program Areas

Career and Technical Education
Community Education
Health Occupations Programs
Literacy Programs
Workforce Development