Strategic Plan

Questar III staff discuss Shared Success at opening day - 9/10/14
Questar III staff participated in facilitated conversations about the organization’s strategic plan at Orientation Day on September 3. The activity followed a morning program which featured six staff stories about the plan.

Click here to download a copy of the “Learning Organizations 101” document discussed on September 3. The document summarizes the five disciplines of the learning organization.

Click here to download the strategic plan “placemats.” These placemats seek to summarize actions related to the Shared Success document and highlight some of the priorities moving forward.

Administrative Leadership Team operationalizes strategic plan - 2/10/14
On Monday, February 10, the Questar III Administrative Leadership Team, attended a “Learning Day” to continue work on the operating plan of Questar III’s 2013-2016 Strategic Plan called Shared Success.

The team - consisting of District Superintendent Jim Baldwin, assistant superintendents, directors and building principals - spent the day working in groups to brainstorm additional ways to specifically implement the plan’s three main initiatives: ensuring readiness along the P-16 continuum; leading, serving and adapting to support sustainability; and being a “learning organization.”

Facilitated by Assistant Superintendent Andrew DeFeo, the team used the World Café methodology to come up with the specific actions, resources, point people and assessment tools to implement the strategic plan’s initiatives on the ground level.

Communications Director Dan Sherman also reviewed the Workplace Survey conducted during the 2012-2013 school year and facilitated group discussions regarding the results.

Over the next month, supervisors will meet with staff to discuss the survey. The survey – part of the “being a learning organization” initiative of the strategic plan - focuses on the idea of “organizational health” by identifying Questar III’s strengths and weaknesses as an organization. The results of the survey will be used to help implement Shared Success.


Board adopts new strategic plan - 5/9/13
The Questar III Board of Education unanimously approved a new three-year strategic plan called Shared Success on May 9, 2013 – the culmination of more than a year of planning. More than 100 staff and school district colleagues provided feedback as Questar III developed this plan.

The agency’s planning process was designed to help Questar III respond to the numerous challenges and opportunities facing our region’s schools and BOCES, from the classroom to the board room. Now, the focus shifts to implementing the plan.

Questar III is now seeking volunteers to join implementation teams that will bring the plan’s ideas and initiatives to life. These three teams will be charged with developing operational work plans to advance an initiative. The agency intends to engage a diverse team of individuals from school districts and the BOCES to outline a plan and timeline for moving forward.

“Nothing is more important to our future success than ensuring that Questar III BOCES remains fully accessible, adaptable and responsive,” said Questar III District Superintendent James N. Baldwin. “By devoting our region’s collective talents and abilities to this plan’s implementation, we will do more than simply survive and comply; we will achieve shared success.”

Click here to download the plan.


The Questar III BOCES Strategic Plan was developed using the ARCS Framework.  

Alignment – ensuring that the vision is consistent with the BOCES priorities.

Representation – including multiple stakeholders in the process, learning, and work.

Culture – answering the question: what do we value as an organization? Some examples may be commitment to sharing expertise, commitment to reflection, etc.

Sustainability – attention to the long-term consequences of actions, learning, and work.